Client Testimonials

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My very first treatment was scar treatment.

Pamela talked me through what she was going to do and that nothing should be painful. My scars haven’t been touched since my operation 6 years ago so I was feeling slightly apprehensive about someone seeing and touching them.

Pamela was so gentle and caring while working on my breast scar. I felt completely at ease with her, she talked me through each part of the treatment while checking that I was OK and nothing was painful.

After working on my breast scar Pamela thanked the scar for letting her touch it, which I thought was a lovely thing to do.

I also had Lymphatic drainage with Pamela. This treatment is and feels very gentle. I was so comfortable on the warming bed with a weighted blanket that I could have just nodded off.

After this it was suggested that I drink lots of water, which I did. I never noticed anything till the next day the skin on breast was and looked smoother and pink, normally it is puckered and pale. For the first time in 6 years my skin looked like the blood was flowing again.

This made me feel Wonderful.

During my time with Pamela she has taught me so much about my body. She has taught me how to gently massage my scars. I have been following her instructions and I have to say have became friends with my body again.

The only way I can describe Pamela is that she is very knowledgeable about her craft.
She is so caring, gentle and warm with magic hands.

On entering Blessed you are welcomed with a wonderful  fragrance from essential oils. The lighting on the walls adds to a very art relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

I have loved every single second of every treatment and I will now be regular client of Pamela’s .

She has inspired me to continue taking time out for myself and that it’s never too late to learn something new.

I could not be happier with my results and I was blown away  when I seen the pictures from Week 1 to Week 4. This has given me such a confidence boost I suffer from hot flushes and these have eased.

I highly recommend these treatments with Pamela, I feel so much better about myself now. 

This lady is so good at what she does and she is so  understanding.

I now listen to my body and feelings and work with them and not fight against them.

Overall my mind, body and soul are now healing which to me is priceless!

I work at Ardgowan Hospice and I met Pamela earlier this year at a Sound bath we were both taking part in. Within minutes felt like I had known her for years.  Before I could even ask, she volunteered to support a new group which was planned at the Hospice, for young women, feeling isolated and living with a life limiting illness.

Together we drew up a programme offering 3 sessions of Wellbeing and Pampering. These sessions were enjoyed by 8 ladies who benefited from peer support but more so from Pamela’s complementary therapies, her introduction to reflexology and aromatherapy workshops – and her company.

Pamela knew exactly how to make the ladies welcome and relaxed, she has a warm and friendly manner and naturally puts people at ease. Pamela’s knowledge and experience was put to great use, and the feedback at the end of week 3 was incredible, mostly referring to her input.  The group now meets up weekly and she regularly attends and continues to offer her support and advice.

The course would not have been the success it was without her, and we, and our patients, cannot thank her enough!

I complained to a friend that I was wearing flip flops and was cold as I should be wearing boots. My legs were so swollen that I hadn’t been able to get my feet into my boots in a very long time. My friend recommended that I should go to Pamela for lymphatic drainage reflexology. I had been for reflexology before and expected this to be more intense. However, the therapy is so gentle and relaxing. I went for four weekly appointments initially. After week two I was able to get my feet into the boots. After week three I was able zip up the right boot to the knee and the left boot to the ankle. This was amazing! Unexpectedly I also moved my bra faster from the last hooks to the middle hooks. The difference I feel is outstanding and emotional for me. Therefore I will continue to give myself this self care by going to Pamela monthly. I am so grateful.